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By straightening teeth through orthodontic treatment, we can help patients achieve more than the appearance of straight teeth. Our goal is to help patients receive the correction their teeth need to benefit their oral health. By treating patients at a younger age, we can help with the development of the patient’s teeth and jaw. Comprehensive orthodontic treatment involves possibly investing in braces and other orthodontic devices to straighten teeth.

Comprehensive orthodontic treatment is available at Dr. Gregory K. Shell in Granite Falls and the surrounding area. We will help customize the treatment to your needs. For younger patients, we can help promote the proper growth of their teetth, along with helping them maintain straight teeth.

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    Benefits of Comprehensive Orthodontics

    Comprehensive orthodontic treatment helps patients to grow up with teeth in the proper alignment and prevent certain oral health issues from developing in the first place. The American Association of Orthodontists explains that a child’s teeth will not straighten out on their time as the child ages. Thus, it is crucial to seek orthodontic treatment, so the child grows up with straight teeth.

    Benefits of straight teeth and comprehensive orthodontics include:

    • Teeth that are easier to clean
    • Properly aligned smile
    • Correcting jaw and bite misalignment
    • Help patients maintain an aligned smile
    • Treat a variety of oral health issues

    Orthodontic Treatment Options

    Since each patient is unique, the type of treatment we recommend for each patient will vary per their needs. We will customize the treatment for a patient during the initial examination. In most cases, the comprehensive orthodontic treatment process can include wearing braces more than once, wearing a retainer, or having children wear space maintainers. Children may begin with phase one orthodontics, then proceed to phase two orthodontics.

    Phase one orthodontics involves helping maintain the proper amount of space for the child’s teeth to grow in properly. This treatment can also include maintaining the proper amount of space in a child’s mouth with space maintainers. A child should attend their first orthodontic visit by the age of seven. Even if the child does not need early orthodontic treatment, we can measure when the child may need treatment in the future.

    Phase two orthodontics continues from phase one and may include wearing braces to straighten teeth. In some cases, a patient may need to wear braces twice. No matter how old someone may be, there is always a chance of needing some form of teeth straightening treatment.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will I have to change my oral health routine during treatment?

    Yes. Even if you wear removable clear aligners instead of braces, you will need to be sure to clean the teeth and the aligners thoroughly. To floss while wearing braces, the patient may need to invest in an alternative flossing tool, such as a water flosser. We can go over various options during an appointment.

    Will correcting the alignment of my child’s teeth help make cleaning the teeth easier?

    Yes. By straightening the child’s teeth, we can flatten out the crevices and spaces that trap bits of food. These areas can also be difficult to reach with a toothbrush, making proper oral hygiene difficult. Teeth straightening can make it easier to maintain proper oral hygiene throughout one’s life.

    Will my child’s teeth remain straight after wearing braces?

    Not on their own. Following teeth straightening treatment from braces or clear aligners, the child will need to wear a retainer. A retainer will help to hold the teeth in the proper position and prevent them from shifting back out of alignment. Patients may only need to wear the retainer while they sleep.

    Do adults need to wear braces?

    While adults have more options to choose from than just traditional metal braces, there is always a possibility of adults needing orthodontic treatment. No matter how much an adult takes care of their teeth with proper oral hygiene, the teeth can shift out of alignment over time. We can help by providing adult patients with several possible options, including clear braces and clear aligners.

    If I wore braces as a child, will I need to wear them as an adult?

    In some cases, yes. Even adults who wore braces as a child may need to wear them again as an adult. This is due to the fact that the teeth can gradually shift back out of alignment if the patient does not continue to wear the retainer following treatment. Fortunately, adults have several other options besides braces.