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Braces are a crucial orthodontic necessity for many people. Straighter teeth in the proper alignment can help promote a healthier smile and easier time taking care of teeth. While some people may not jump at the idea of wearing braces to straighten teeth, we can provide a faster and more efficient form of braces known as the SPEED System™ Orthodontic Appliance.

SPEED System Orthodontic Appliance treatment is available at Dr. Gregory K. Shell in Granite Falls and the surrounding area. With this system of braces, patients can receive the treatment they need by utilizing smaller brackets and other components not available in traditional methods. We will take the time to customize the treatment to the needs of each patient as we guide them through the process.

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    The SPEED Orthodontic Appliance Bracket System

    The SPEED bracket system involves a combination of smaller brackets and a component known as a “Spring Clip.” The orthodontist will program the clips to gradually shift the teeth into the proper alignment with continuous pressure. Fortunately, the pressure is light enough that the patient will not notice it while wearing the braces on their teeth. Benefits of SPEED Orthodontic Appliance bracket system include:

    • The brackets are smaller than traditional brackets
    • It is easier to clean the teeth than with traditional braces
    • Fewer appointments necessary throughout the treatment plan
    • Providing constant force to shift the teeth toward the proper alignment

    Reasons for Choosing SPEED Braces

    As listed above, there are multiple reasons for choosing SPEED braces over other forms of teeth straightening. Our goal is to help patients achieve a straight set of teeth to enhance both the appearance and health of their teeth.

    Smaller Brackets than Traditional Braces

    The SPEED bracket system involves brackets that are one third smaller than traditional braces, according to the SPEED braces website. This decrease in size helps to create a more subtle appearance than traditional forms of braces. Along with the more discreet appearance, the brackets cover less space on the surface of each tooth.

    Easier to Clean the Teeth

    Since the bracket system takes up less space on the enamel of the teeth, it will be easier for the patient to clean more of the teeth. Patients will have a much easier time cleaning their teeth and preventing any stains that can form when wearing traditional braces. Patients may need to invest in a water flosser or other tool to properly clean between the teeth.

    Fewer Appointments May Be Necessary

    In general, the patient will still need several checkup appointments while wearing braces. However, there is less need for as many appointments with SPEED braces as with other traditional options. The number of appointments necessary can vary per patient and their teeth. If the patient does not take proper care of their braces, then they may need to schedule more checkup appointments.

    Providing Constant Light Force to The Teeth

    SPEED braces provide a constant stream of light force to the teeth that shifts them into the proper alignment over time. With the smart clip system on the brackets, our orthodontist can program the specific speed and strength of the slips. The patient will not feel pain while the SPEED braces shift the teeth.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will SPEED braces make it difficult to clean my teeth?

    Not as much as traditional braces. SPEED braces take up less space on the surface of the teeth. Thus, patients can brush more of the teeth, prevent stains or plaque build-up.

    Are there options for flossing my teeth while wearing braces?

    Yes. A water flosser will use a steady stream of high-pressured water to clean between the teeth. Even though SPEED braces have much smaller brackets than other options, patients will still need an alternative tool to clean between the teeth properly. We can go over other possible options during an appointment and find the solution that works best for the patient.

    Do SPEED braces limit what I can or cannot eat?

    Yes. When wearing any form of braces, there will be dietary restrictions since certain foods and beverages can damage the braces. Damage to the braces can prolong the amount of time the patient has to wear them. Patients will need to avoid hard or sticky foods and more. We can go over the full list during an appointment.

    How long will the SPEED braces treatment take?

    While SPEED braces can be faster than traditional metal braces, it will depend entirely on the patient. If the patient follows the treatment plan and avoids any foods that can harm the braces, then they should have a fairly fast treatment. In some cases, the patient may wear braces for at least a year, but less time than other options.

    Am I a candidate for SPEED braces?

    We will need to schedule a consultation and determine if you are a candidate. However, patients of varying ages from kids and teens to adults can benefit from wearing SPEED braces. Call us and schedule an appointment to learn more.